The Mara-Meru Cheetah Project

Full name of the Project: Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Population Status in Regions with Different Types of Anthropogenic Influence (Masai-Mara National Reserve versus Meru Conservation Area)

In March 2012 Dr. Elena Chelysheva, Russian zoologist, will initiate cheetah research in Masai-Mara National Reserve and Meru Conservation Area.

Elena selected the Mara and Meru regions for several reasons:

  • The global wild cheetah population estimates between 7,500 and 10,000 animals with the Kenyan population considered to be one of the strongholds for the species in Africa and central to the eastern Africa population
  • This project is linked with Action for Cheetahs in Kenya to create long-term cheetah monitoring that can be compared to similar studies in other cheetah range countries.
  • In Kenya, two or more adult females or an adult male and female have been reported with cubs of various ages - this is "untypical" cheetah grouping as female cheetahs are known to raise their cubs solitary.

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