Mara-Meru Cheetah Project will be carried out with the sponsorship money. Financial statements will be reflected on the special page with the amounts and types of work carried out on the funds provided. In addition, in the process we will regularly post on the site news on Mara and Meru cheetahs. You can follow the life of these wonderful cats, and even take part in their lives. You have a unique opportunity to patronize any Mara or Meru cheetah you like.

Adopt a Cheetah: Any contribution of U.S. $ 500 or more will receive a (10" by 12") portrait of any Mara or Meru cheetah selected from this web site. The portrait will be painted for you by Elena Chelysheva. At the request of the custodian of a cheetah his or her name will be reflected on our website.

We will appreciate you support with photo pictures of cheetahs taken in Masai-Mara National Reserve or Meru and Kora National Parks and Bisanadi National Reserve. You can send pictures and comments to Dr. Elena Chelysheva: Chelysheva.elena(at)

Special Mention

Chewbaaka - You can see this portrait of Chewbaaka - cheetah Ambassador for 16 years at the Cheetah Conservation Fund - on the front cover of International Cheetah Studbook 1999:

Cheetah Head portrait in ink has been used in 2005 as cover page drawing for ANIMAL KEEPERS' FORUM - The Journal of the American Association of Zoo Keepers.

Proud Mother - This painting was produced for Cheetah Conservation Fund (Namibia) and illustrates Cheetah Mother's story at the CCF's Education Center


By supporting research of Dr. Chelysheva, you are supporting the science and are contributing to biodiversity of the planet.


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